Friday, July 15, 2011

Three days down in Albany (overload of photo's)

Its July holidays here in Perth....and to get away for a while we
 drove 4  1/2 hour's to get to Albany. We took off at 9am in the morning.
 First big town was Williams.
Then we stopped off at Kojonup town
After going through a few smaller towns and then through Mt Barker
(which there is no chicken's cruising through the pub, free range!)
 we finally arrived at Albany at 2pm
Since we were only here for a few days..we made the most of it.
We drove around the town then travelled down Frenchman's Bay road
right around to the family rocks on Eclipse Road
Then a little bit further we got to the Gap.
This is two natural features carved from ancient granite
by the forces of nature. It measures a 25 metre sheer drop
to the ocean. Very dangerous point!
Then the Stony Hills road to Jimmy Newhills harbour.
A small protected harbour named after a fisherman
Then to the blowholes which was a 900m walk
Only problem was that there wasn't enough wind for the
 blowholes to work. Darn it...
Then we continued to drive to Whaleworld
These whale skeleton's where amazing and huge!
Here is us under the biggest whale jaw bones.
and a little baby tiny!
Here are the bins where they kept the blubber from the whale
They still smell a bit..but now have movies in each one!
This place was interesting but still disturbing as so many
 whales were slaughtered, but it was also a way of living for workers
 back then. Then we retired to our Motel we were staying
 at Emu Point Motel.
Whale watching...
Poor Jess did so well..but eventually ended up down stairs as she
became very sea sick!
 What a day we ended up seeing 31 whales..
the most they have ever seen in a day!
40 tonnes or so jumping out of the water
Mostly we saw Humpbacks as they played in the ocean...
one was even protecting his playmate by slapping his tail in the
 water a few times. Just spectacular!
The waters very so clear and beautiful!
Here I am with the Captain of the boat John! 
Such a character..classic!
If you are ever down in Albany please go see the Albany
Whale Tours...a family owned business and you are well
looked after. We then cruised the town and saw all the sites.
Love this place..wool shed!

I said it was a overload of photo's
But we had so much fun..and I wanted to share it with you!
Who doesn't love holidays
Love and Skullies

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  1. Wow Angie, look at all that fun you guys are having! The pics look amazing.
    Just thought I'd pop in a note as I'm not sure whether you know that you won my freebie image from Pollycraft?? If you havent' already, could you please contact Paula at Pollycraft and she'll send you the image of the Wizard.
    thanks hun and glad you're enjoying your hols with the kids.

    Hugs, xoxo


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