Sunday, July 10, 2011

One weekend flew past...

The weekends seem to fly past ...and having no kids, it always zooms
 extra fast. Saturday I relaxed so much that I went to bed so early.
If you know's so isn't me. I'm usually up till 11pm finishing things
of from my busy schedule. I guess it was so quiet that I could relax for
the day without all the usual noise that happens here.
So I was up extra early this morning...and we cruised down to the block
 in Toojay for lunch, where it was so freezing! I think we had our first
winter's day here.... it was so darn cold. Especially standing on the back
of the ute where your fingers were icicles driving along.
(Snap of Jake and Moni on the back of the ute)
( Jess and Moni watching Jake on his motorbike..
while in the car keeping warm from the cold wind).
(Jake and Moni sitting on the gravel pit.)
They had so much fun running up and down the hill.
The one thing that I was so proud off, was Jess finally had a
 go at driving the old ute around the farm. I was so excited
to teach her ...the first ever driving lesson!
Here is a sneak peek of a liitle Video I took of her.
I hope everyone had a great weekend...
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Drawn in a couple of weeks
Love and Skullies

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