You're on this page because you want to find out more about Angie Delarie Products. I'll try and see if I can crush it into a tight little snow ball for you.

Angie Delarie Scrapbooking Products is located in Perth, Western Australia.  I'm a country girl at heart...being brought up on a sheep (wool) and wheat farm in a little town called Beverley.... a hour's drive from Perth.
I now live in the big City "Perth".

My Family consists of ...Me, my darling husband Aaron and our two gorgeous children Jessica and Jake. Not to forget our funny farm of animals (Dog Amber, 9 birds, 2 guinnea pigs, seahorses)

Most days it's just me who runs this business, but I do get extra help from my wonderful children. (cutting paper embellishments) and my darling husband picking up goodies from the printers. Its hard work but well worth every single second of the day..Its my passion and always lights up those dark clouds that form over me some days.

Angie Delarie Scrapbooking Products started in July 2008 and thanks to all the support of one lady (she knows who she is! ) allowed me to take that extra step and jump into this business and today we are still going strong. We are most known for our unique character acrylic stamps, but we have branched into other area's as well > Chipboard designs and Paper Embellishments.

I Illustrate and hand draw my own artwork for all my products. I believe that all my products are unique and special and have their own distinct style. I started drawing when I was younger adventuring into art classes, painting and I love any thing crafty.
Once finished High School at St Hilda's in Mosman Park I started a Art and Design Course for a couple of years here in Perth before moving  into Teaching trying to complete at Murdoch University, Perth.
I started with 6 acrylic stamps (Spirit, Skullie, Stripes, Evolving, Sunrise and the Car set)
With six design team dream was starting to take flight.

Today we are looking at 13 Design Team Girls from all over the world, who do my products so much justice. Check out this link.
Also a mountain of Scrapbooking products that is growing day by day. SHOP

What do we see in our future? ...
I would love to see Angie Delarie Products in more craft shows and trade shows and taking over all scrapbooking shops...we are getting there!

Love and Skullies

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