Friday, July 8, 2011

Leave a Comment and WIN the Stash!

Big Congrats to Darlene and Melissa for winning
Alice in wonderland tags and a cute little character stamp that I threw in just to say thanks!

To celebrate July...because this is my special month!
I'm giving away 5 Acrylic stamps and Alice in wonderland tags.
Please leave a comment and follow
(What makes Birthdays special to you!)
and please copy and paste this to your blog or facebook page.
This is optional!
(Tell your friends and share the news!)
Love and Skullies

WINNER announced on the 25th July
(My Birthday!)


  1. I love your stamps!! I must confess to being a wee bit ghoulish myself!! I hope you enjoy your birthday month!!

  2. ... birthdays are special because it means another year of wonderful memories to cherish and a good excuse for a celebration... and spoiling myself... and hopefully marks another year I have managed to stay out of the nut house!!! ;) LOVE your stamps... and your DT rocks them! ;)


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