Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 5: Everyday Halloween Project

Day 5 : Everyday Halloween Project
             Today I'm so excited!
             I received so many comments about my Invitation Mummy Coffin
             A few people are making them right now for their children and friends
             Remember that the candy corn pockets are up on Etsy for sale

             Today I'm bringing you small VAMPIRE PUMPKINS
             that you can make in seconds and look so cute, but still a little scary
             All you need is:
  •              One Orange
  •              One Vampire Plastic Teeth
  •              One sharp knife
  •              One (Blood Type Candy Blood)
  •              Permanent Marker for face features

Measure the teeth to get the right snug fit for the false vampire teeth
Make sure that you cut a edge between the orange skin and the flesh
above so that the false vampire teeth fit snugly in between
Draw any face you would like to have on you orange with the permanent marker
and then just add a little candy blood in its mouth, with a little orange flesh as well.
That's it ...finished, and ready for that wicked table decoration.
Or around pumpkin candles etc
Hope you are enjoying all these idea's for Halloween
Come back soon
for some freebies very soon
Love and Skullies
Angie Delarie


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