Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 4: Spooky Invitation!

Day 4: Spooky Invitation
           I had so much fun making this mummified spooky coffin boxed invitation
           I did try drawing a coffin box template and it never worked out the way I
           wanted in too! So here is the link to the Martha Stewart coffin template I used:
           Top and Bottom
           Print the top and the bottom Martha Stewart templates on black paper
           and stick together.  Below is a page that you can print out for FREE
           (AD Designs) for the invitation and the grave headstone (click and print)
             I put my Angie Delarie Halloween pocket on top of the coffin box and also
             cut out the candy corn for the top

 The Mummy was made out of bendable pipe cleaners
and then wrapped in banadages that were cut and one bobble eye
Twist the body so it has feet and hands and a 3D head (2 circles) 
             I hope you like it
I really think it is such a cute invitation
to give to all your friends
Love and Skullies
Angie Delarie


  1. Awesome and creative way to invite for Halloween party! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a SUPER cute invitation! It makes me want to have a party just so I can make these! Lol
    Hugs, Christy


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