Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Celebrations and Giveaway

There are more.... NEW photo embellishments to hit the shop today.
Remember they are produced now with photographic paper.
So they are great quality!
Here is a look at them!
Rubber Duckies
 Sew me up Buttercup
(Buttercup was actually my sisters nickname when she was younger)
 Flamingo travellers
And also a few new ones revamped into photo's
 Easter bunny photo embellishment tags
Check them out at the SHOP link above
Remember there is free shipping this month
thanks to everyone that has ordered in the last few days
Needed to update the shop!
Love and Skullies

(Also my birthday is on MONDAY the giveaway is announced then!)


  1. Angie, you are just the sweetest!!! Thank you for sending the DTS your lovely stamps!!! Youa re so talented!!! And, Wishing you a Blessed Birthday, in advance!!! May all your wishes come true ;)


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