Sunday, May 22, 2011

So many ideas'...where to start!

My brain is in overload right now...I have been up since 4:30am trying to complete a essay that is due today. Since I'm working all day today, have needed to complete it in the last 3 hours....
Its finally done.... finished.... and gone.
Since I'm hear chatting at 6:30 am Aussie (Perth) time I have been looking into a variety of different ways of scrapbooking. I'm starting to move with the times...this is including a few new areas of interest coming soon.

1. LIVE Scrapbooking classes...coming next month. (so excited)
2. New stamps designs being drawn now..produced in a couple of months.
3. Digital Stamps for those scrappers out there.
4. Digital character 3D Boxes.  (One has already arrived...easter bunny) last month just download and print.
    Here is a sneak peek at the class happening next month...only live!

Please always come here for all things that are linked to Angie Delarie Products...
I would also like to say a Big thanks to all my Brazilian fans out there...I have had so many orders from you girls in the last 3 months and also a interview from a scrapbooking website THANKS!
Love my design team girls!
Love and Skullies


  1. Dear Angie, your work is amazing!!
    I love it!!
    Congratulations on your talent and creativity!!
    Best wishes!

  2. Yay! Brushes for us digi gals. Happy to hear! Best of luck on your new ventures ;)

  3. Thank you girls for your comments
    DriNoleto ...still waiting for your questions hun? Denise I'm glad you are ready for some digi to hit the shop...its going to be an adventure!


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