Friday, May 20, 2011

Sad day...the end of my drawing class.

I have loved getting up every Friday and driving into Murdoch Uni here in Perth...
as the drawing teacher was amazing and so inspirational that every lesson was thrilling to be in.
Simon Allen which I have talked about before on blogger works for Pixar on movies like Ratatouille, Cars, Toy story Movies..all the ones I love!...we got sneak peeks of new characters and other movie characters like new transformers drawings, and also got a Skype meeting with George Lucas (star wars Creator).
So its a end to my 14 week drawing classes with Simon Allen.
I have always loved animation and he has kinda steered me in that direction.
The weather was shocking on Friday and there even was a mini tornado in Canningvale that morning. I had to drive so slow to get to Uni is a snap out the front of my window!

Loved the drop formation happening!
Our last class was to draw still life and we had a few items on the tables.
Here is what I drew and what it turned out like!
 Finished drawing..
Little bit of flash flare sorry guys.
I took snaps of them as my whole portfolio was due yesterday for marking.
This was our last assignment that was due..drawing a bedroom.
I worked on this every night for around 3 hours, for two weeks.
It was very detailed...which u can't see very well.
When it comes back I will take better photos of it!
Drawing finished and Portfolio submitted
Wish me luck!
I bought a couple of posters for Simon to sign
so when I become a Art Teacher They will be on my walls. 
I hope every one is having a great weekend.
I am.. just got asked to do a interview for a Brazil Scrapbooking Website (this should be fun!)
Love and Skullies

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