Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Sunday: Rolystone/ Kelmscott Fires....6 February 2011

It was a Black Sunday here in Perth this weekend.
A firefighter has been injured . The Rolystone/ Kelmscott bushfire is still burning out of control in the Perth hills it has destroyed 41 properties and damaged a further 19 partially damaged, Numbers could increase with time. A firefighter has been injured as well. The bushfire emergency warning remains in place for people in the south-western part of Roleystone and south-eastern part
of Kelmscott in the City of Armadale.
I feel really lucky as I live in Armadale, just far enough from the fire..
but the fire is only a 5 minute drive from my house.
The smoke was thick there for a while and in the morning we drove to Wanneroo to go motorbike riding and went past the other fire North of Perth. I think we ended up with five fires around Perth Yesterday which is devastating. Here are a sneak peek at the fires through You- tube videos that others have put up.
Choppers refilling the water tanks down the road at Champion Lakes (down the road) you can see how windy it is right now in Perth. Winds of 70- 100km!
The evacuation relocation is just a couple of streets away from when we finished school today and came home I could see the choppers coming right over our house. This means that they were re-fueling at the oval two streets away. I took the kids down to take snaps of the amazing "Cougar" chopper and chat to the pilot and to congratulate a job well done so far!

Last photo is off the oval, you can just see the blue of the "Cougar" Chopper on the right. They all ended up landing and refueling here. I just can't believe how much devastation this fire has caused and I hope that with the winds start dying down tonight so the fire can be brought under control. I will walk down to the Arena where all the evacuees have been sleeping for a night already to see if I can help in anyway.
Stay safe all my friends..
Love and Skullies

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