Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend fun....

Late night grocery shopping in Perth has only just started...we are a bit behind in that regards.
But to go shopping 24hr's is a real's called the Jandakot Spud Shed and its my favourite place right now...and the prices are amazing for fruit and vegetables.
If you haven't been...start running!
 Since my sister-in-law is down from Newman..we toddled off at 11pm and did some shopping!
Today we had the great delight in going to Zane's 3rd Birthday are some quick snaps I took of the park and my best friend Cassie lighting his birthday cakes.
He is so precious!
Its Sunday night and I just watched the Oprah show..all about where I live "Australia". Now to finish the night off with the movie Australia..which I love! then bed
Night all
Love and Skullies

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