Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's Cheekie Chef is in the House...lets cook!

We have been babysitting my neice Moni for a night ...
and she wanted frog cupcakes for afternoon tea!
So a quick trip down to the lolly isle at the shops...and a quick chocolate cake mix!
and the ingredients were ready was I!
 Chocolate cupcakes ready...and cooled.
 Frog lolly faces with a dob of white icing and a chocolate bit on their eyes.
 Make green icing with green food colouring and ice cakes. 
 The Finish product...and ohh soo YUMMY!!
Go on get some froggy lollies and make your own...
Very tasty
Love and Skullies

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  1. I don't know wich is cutest, the cupcakes or your niece !!!


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