Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Start of the Years Events SO FAR!!! (Watch out a few photo's!)

Well what a weekend! The kids spent all weekend at their Pop and Nan's place with there cousins Taia and Logan ...They are just the most adorable little kids.
Friday night Jake had a date with his Auntie Cathryn who promised him a fun filled night with the Perth Wildcats Basketball team playing against Melbourne Tigers.

I think that she succeeded buying Jake a Wildcats Jersey and getting as many players signatures on it after the game. Here are some of the players Jake had photo's with below...Kevin Lisch, Damian Martin, Ater Majok and Cameron Tovey. 
Friday Night for me was at the drags here in Perth. Enjoying qualifiying night with my best friend Cassie taking her Charger down the track..Although I got a message Saturday saying the car broke a gearbox and they were heading back to the workshop!
So no Saturday night drags for us at the motorplex.
Video of Cassie (yellow car) down the track...
While the kids were away I got to play...well it gave me the extra time to scrap my little heart out!
I went to Scrapbooks from the Heart with a group of very amazing, gorgeous and so creative girls for a scrappy Sunday night although when I arrived they had been scrapping for hours during the day.
REMINDER: Next time get there earlier...
Here are some snaps that Belinda took from the night.
A group shot of all of us together...well I should say nearly crying with laughter!
                                                                    Mel and Jenny
                                                              Belinda and Tanya
                                                                 Belinda, Julie and Tanya
                                                                    Christine and Sarah
                                                 Belinda, Tanya, Georgia and Kathleen
                                                         Scrapbooking tables....
With three Layouts completed and my head down the whole time...literally!
Hey I hadn't scrapped in sooo long and my mojo was back with full avengence!
Next on the to do list during these holidays is my daughters painted tree on her wall. During this procedure I will be demonstrating how I'm going...what I'm up to and what it looks like everyday. It will be fun and a little bit messy, but I can't wait to see the final finished wall.
Time to get my grubby little hands into a paint tin and start this tree....
Will update progress as it happens...stay tuned

Also a big thanks to all the girls that have submitted there scrapbooking entries for the Design Team
Winners will be announced begin of February!
Love and Skullies

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