Friday, July 2, 2010

This blog needs a makeover!!

Good evening ...good morning! whatever it may be all around the world...I have been a prisoner in my own house right now due to a nasty flu that could only happen on the last week of school..ready for the start off my holidays! Saturday Night was going to be Girls Movie and drinks night and I was sooo looking forward to it...I think we were going to watch GROWN UPS..maybe during the holidays I will adventure there because I'm a big ADAM! freak...

Okay there is a change commencing on this blogsite ...3 nights a week their will be new things here....

Monday ...Maniac blog night!
Thursday ...Tripple layout night!
Saturday....Simple Cards night!

As you all notice that I'm not a big Card maker..(I know... I make stamps) weird.
But I do make unique and quirky Idea's that are not just please check this night, fun!
So to start this off Im showing off ......
Using Acrylic Stamp Panda twinklelite I made a invite/ Lolly bag tag.....very simple to make.
Especially when you have to make a lot of them for parties!!
Love and Skullies
Angie Delarie
XXOOXXOO ( stay tunned and come back tommorow)

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