Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday Simple Cards!

Come celebrate with us...this is a quick Idea for a children's lolly bag tag..or a invitaion! Using scrap paper in my huge box ..Angie Delarie Acrylic Stamp (Panda Twinklelite) and also Elsie Stamp(Box) very simple and made in less than 5 minutes. I then stuck it onto a lolly sleeve and added colour jelly beans! Yum Yum..

This is a simple card that also represents a event by stamping a month on acid free paper and circling or adding a star on the day. I supose it could be a invitation as well....

Last quick and simple Idea is a travel tag ....very easy to make!
First I just cut 2 circle tags one bigger than the other ...Stamped my Panda Twinklelite and also my crown stamp onto white acid free paper ..then commenced cutting them out.
Stuck it all together using doublesided tape and wuuullllaaaahhh! finished 
These 3 Ideas took less than 5 minutes each ..simple, quick Ideas that anyone one can complete!

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