Thursday, May 1, 2008

These cute little Cow Stamps are going to be down

at Kareena's Scrapbooking Shop

"The Scrappy Cow" down in Margaret River >>>

Arn't they sooo adorable !!!

I drew this on her box that she was coming to pick up from SFTH ( took two seconds)>>>

And she loved them soo much that she inquired about getting it done into a stamp!!

And whaalllllaaaa!!! too cute

Che Bello >>> See Roberta Im Learning????


  1. Cute stamps! Not that I'm surprised :) And Barbie gir?!? That brought back memories, that song is so cute :)

  2. Yes a blast from the past ???
    Loved Aqua when I was youger !!

  3. Ahahahaha Angie u are my hero! aagag u're so funny!
    CHE BELLO! yeah! XD
    the stamps are so cute ^_^


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