Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here are just some off my Stamps that I have been busy

Packaging for all my orders in the last couple of days!!!

Sooo exciting seeing the new ones come to life!!!

Im still on holidays for a little bit longer>>>

then back to school for me ..

Go to my etsy shop to check them out. You can order them as well!!

But get in fast because they are nearly all gone already!!!

Had to Order another shipment today already!!!

Im loving this>>>>


  1. *_______________*
    OMG I fell down my chair when I read your comment on my blog!
    0.0 are u asking me if I'm interested? I AM SO DAMN PROUD OF THIS QUESTION!
    I SAY YES! ^_______^
    Tell me what I have to do!!!!
    OMG i'm so excited *___*
    love you!

  2. Congrats Angie! :)
    Your stamps are awesome, I'm not surprised!

  3. congrats on your super success!! (and also i noticed you had a link to my blog. hehe yay :))

    hope all is well with you! i am brewing ideas for what to do with your stamp...i keep staring at it lovingly. lol! thanks again for sending that out to me! you're the best! :))

  4. here is the site i used to add another column in. it's a little tricky if you unfamiliar with html...but if you follow the directions exactly, it will work. but i highly suggest saving a copy of your original code just in case you mess it up! because it will mess it up forever :)

    good luck!!

  5. ahahhah! hey Angie!
    che bello means how cute!
    i'll teach some italian ;)
    love youuuuuuuuuuuu


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