Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!

Well what a great day !!
Woke up to my husband cooking me bacon and
eggs at 5:30am
Before he had to adventure to work !!
How sweet was that !!
So I'd thought I'd return the favour and cook him
his favourite Tea..Lasanga and Chocolate self sauce pudding
Here are some snaps of the desert !!
Pretty nifty I thought ?
He loved it ...that was the whole Idea?
Although some people don't get that ..
At his work the boys had done nothing for their partners ..
And they reckon it just was another day ?
One had picked roses out of his garden !!!
And put it into a vase and had been waiting
for a phone call all day from her?
Arhhh how easy was that roses out of the garden ..
he does this all the time ..
So she thought nothing off it ..No suprise there?
Luckily I have a guy who takes some time out to
think about something romantic to do for me
and I'm sooo grateful !!!!!
He even took time to write a card each to our
kids and I gave them the heart candy ..
soo love you !!!!


  1. im going to use your fabulously awesome stamp this weekend!!!
    i plan on getting my scrap on!!!

  2. of course.
    i would love to do a layout with the skully stamp!!!
    and i will definitely give one away on my blog.
    for sure.


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