Friday, February 22, 2008

5th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary ..
And woke up to Aaron decieding to get Tattoo's ..
Something I hadn't thought of doing at that particular moment!!
So we adventured to Scarborough Beach Tattoo studio
And I got a Symbol "eternity" put on my ankle
Aaron got all our initials put on this inner arm
Funny enough both Aaron and me are AD initials
And the Kids are both JD so he put ADJD
Which is also on my cars number plates ..
Doing my layout now of the day !!!


  1. You got a tattoo Angie??!! THAT IS WAY TOO COOL!!! I love tattoos but I'm too chicken to get one myself! lol!

    Anyway, Happy Belated Anniversary! It's awesome you guys had a great time!!

    I'm with Leena, tatts+me=nope!!
    Going to bookmark your blog so I can come visit again :)


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