Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Rocks!

It's been a busy week around the de la Rie household!
We finished school (graduation, lunches and school Christmas lunch at the casino)
Graduation stage that I made all the decorations for! Took 3 days
Handmade all tissue flowers and the graduation sign
Year 7's had the delight of going to "Hog's Breath Cafe" for our lunch
Going to Perth Casino "Crown" for our school Christmas lunch
11 hours later ended up making it home....somehow! hahaha
After school term finished we packed all our stuff, ready for a road trip to Newman.
No this isn't our car...but made such a wonderful photo!
It was a town 2 1/2 hours from Newman that was rusty car heaven.
Cocktail drinks by the pool in Newman
 Newman lightning arrived Wednesday night...just in time for a cool down!
Who is bigger: Even with the cruiser's lift! haha
 Today it's been 40 degree's and we have had the aircond blasting all day. 
I have started my SMASH book about Newman trip and can't wait to share my pages.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Love and Elvies
Angie Delarie


  1. Great pics! Must be hot over in WA - that hot weather is heading here to SA in the next few days!!! Look forward to seeing your smash pages - I've never done any Smash pages but am getting inspired to try some!

  2. Once you start Sharon, you just can't stop with the SMASH books!
    They are so much easier and with the papers already in the book, great time saver!

  3. Oh Newman.. last time I was there was last your pics.. gorgeous... my Daddy used to fix the haulpacs for BHP in his good ol days.

  4. Wow Lisa, thats amazing!
    My dad (Blair Gartrell) was a mineralologist and found 2 minerals up north. Named them Gartrell-lite and Ashburton-lite! He was quite famous in the mineral world! His collection was bought and put into the Kalgoolie Museum for a few years!


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