Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Digital Stamp Release: Week Two

This little stamp came about from a smashers request.
She wanted a sailor as this is her husband's occupation
and there was nothing out there at the moment.

I do try and work customers idea's into my work
As this is my inspiration for new digi's

Otherwise my brain goes twenty miles a hour (it always does!lol)
and I whip up things that just fly into my head.

I'm not joking the other day I was thinking about a topic while in the
shopping centre and BAM! gone...
I told my girl "God I have a fish brain, don't I"
Next idea....jotted down!
See, nut case
Never stops
Overactive brain

So after that rambling
Here is the new digi this week
"Ocean bounds us together"
I just love this couple
Bounded by the sea
Check out the Design Team's take on this digital stamp

Amazing projects...that rock or sink your boat

Love and Skullies
Angie Delarie

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