Sunday, June 24, 2012


I would like to reach out to all you girls that have joined and messaged
my facebook and this blog for a free "Arcadia Bear Lover" Digital Stamp!
She was such a HUGE hit that I ended up emailing 84 off them.
(Such a busy girl I was, over the weekend) lol!
If you missed out, she's is available at the shop now.
Also if you aren't that fantastic with digital I will be selling all
digital stamps in photo embellishment form as well.
Like my other scrapbooking tags
(but already coloured and cut ready for your page)

So many Smash pages this weekend!
I have also put a few more Vintage camera digital stamps
in the Etsy Shop again as they flew out straight away!

Love and Skullies
(Its my bed time..10pm here)

Angie Delarie


  1. I love them Angie! All your pages are so cute! I love the balloon image and the cute possum photo too! As soon as I have some money to spare I'm hitting your shop!!! Thanks again for Arcadia, I'm hoping to get something made with her today :)

  2. Ohh Jessica thanks so much hun!
    Heads up: July is my birthday month, heaps of new digital characters coming through random days of July! so keep watch next month

  3. Thanks for the digi, Angie, I've printed her out but haven't coloured her up yet, maybe today! Love your SMASH pages, especially loving that balloon digi!!! Hugs, Roxy.

  4. thanks heaps for the digi.. love it.. now have to scrap me some Angie style.. lmfao.. love the pages.. I just bought that same frame you have used.. so pretty isn't it..
    Have a great day Miss Angie... xx

  5. She is so cute!! No wonder you were busy!!
    LOVE your Smash pages!!


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