Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Wynta Digital Stamp has arrived"

I must admit I have a soft spot for this girl "Wynta"

She is so versatile and easy to use!
The girls have been raving about her and I've put her in the shop
early today as I have been getting so many comments already about her and where to buy her.
I've noticed a few of you SMASHERS saying that you have never use digital stamps before,
and how do we use her. It's quiet easy all you do is

PRINT (Scrapbooking acid free paper)
You can actually buy white acid free paper at news agencies etc
COLOUR (Copic's, pencil )
Or COLOUR (Photo Shop etc)
CUT  (or Photo Shop)

If you can't do this kind of thing (no printer, don't like colouring)
I will start putting these girls in my main section under
Photo Embellishments
and they will be sent via mail with the image coloured like a tag and cut out for you!
Just like this one
If you haven't joined the SMASH facebook page
Please do so as it has the 24hr Smash going on this weekend
Here is my SMASH
Here is Kellie and Emily's Smash pages below
More on the Scrapbooking link!

So many SMASHERS joining in with the fun!

Love and Skullies
Angie Delarie


  1. I used Angelina on a Smash page today if you want to have a look!

  2. Thanks so much Jessie
    I've been told buy a few buyers now that they were so easy to use..they loved them
    More coming soon

  3. <3 LOVE her, i must get some of your fantastic digi's for my smash*ing xxx

  4. What a great set. I love all the different elements.

    These creations are terrific.

  5. Love your Digi stamps Angie! (Wrote a coment here yest but i think my iphone deleted it, sorry if it shows up twice lol)

  6. I did not know your stamps.
    I love them all!


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