Thursday, May 10, 2012


Anyone would know that I have been a stamp manufacturer
for around 5 years now and guess what?
It's a bit secret...I have never bought myself 1 copic marker pen! seriously...
Here in Australia they cost the expensive, that I have never had
the courage to buy them.
Kimm had a sale on her business site ...and I bought a few.
Well all the basic ones I need for skin colour and dark hair...
Then I can later just add copic markers colours markers as I go!
You are a gem Kimm xxoo
 Get ready for some of my new stamps with ink in now....yahhh!

Hope you are having a great weekend
I'm trying to decorate ready for my Mum's 60th
Birthday party tomorrow
I will show pictures soon

Love and Skullies
Angie Delarie

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  1. I'm hoping by now you have been overcome with Copic envy and lust and own more than seven ..... I had a giggle reading this post! Yes they are expensive here in Oz. With overseas restrictions they are harder to get, but not impossible. I get mine from Simon Says Stamp. At half the AUD price.

    Thanks for stopping past my blog!


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