Friday, December 23, 2011

Lets Decorate!

I bought these Chinese lanterns about 1 month ago, ready for Chrissie.
Today I went outside to get them from the courtyard
and they had been wet somehow?
The black coloured ones had run into the green.
Thinking.... I would just throw them out
A great idea sprung to mind and I started thinking... what about glitter?
Finding glitter so close to Christmas was a mission, but I went to Spotlight
shop here in Perth and found some green glitter containers left! yahhh
 Spray with adhesive acid free glue
 Make sure that you have a container ready for the excess
glitter and re-apply again and again!
And keep switching between the two..
I ran out of glitter and wasn't going back to the shop.
I think they look nice the way they are.
You could cover them totally...
Love and Skullies
Angie D 

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