Saturday, June 25, 2011

Something different for a Saturday...

Hello everyone,
Well today I thought we would try something new..and something that my Dad and I was going to start before he passed away. My Dad was an Mineralogist and he owned a massive mineral collection, that he had collected over many years. I remember Mum and him taking trips to Arizona, for the Mineral Conventions when I was younger and all the trips up north camping in Mine pits.
With so many years having this as his hobby, he eventually found a mineral that hadn't been discovered before,  and called it Gartrell- lite named after our surname.

Thinking back about how we were always going to start a small little jewellery business together. I found out about this place here in Perth, that demonstrates step by step, how to make silver jewellery, rock cutting and polishing in the same place...I had to check it out!

My boy Jake has had a passion for this area ...without any influence by others!
Must be in the blood..haha! Here are some snaps I took of all of us learning the techniques.

 This is just a quick look at two rocks that we had cut and polished in 2 hours.
Hope you are having a great Saturday!
Love and Skullied

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