Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Down With Nature...

School holiday fun...
Today Mum and us drove to Whiteman Park here in Perth. First time for me, this place was huge and so amazing. I love and adore animals and this was the place to get nice and close with nature with the likes of seeing bats, kangaroos, koala's, bats, dingo's. There were shows on all day...like having your photo taken with this HUGE wombat.
Walking through this huge area that kangaroo's jump around and get feed constantly then sleep. (personally if someone feed me and let me sun bake in the gorgeous sun ...I would be there in a flash!)
 The garden's were amazing...
Jake was in control of the map...and where we were going next!
 Here are some glimpses of the cute animals I captured! Owls...bats...ring tail possum.
 And the amazing koala's...these were my favourites.
If you ever come to Perth you have to come to this place.
I think I will be going to a few more gathering here...more often!
So much nature...love it!
 Love and Skullies

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  1. Great to see this pictures we went there with Tom 6 years ago. time is flying but i realy loved the place. Was there is also a steam train?


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