Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One 1950's photography presentation finished.

It feels so good when you complete an assignment at Uni. This one was a group project produced by Tass, Guy and myself. I wanted to show you what photo's we ended up using. (It actually was a difficult decision)
I baked cupcakes at 11pm the night before to have realistic props. Jessica did so good for a teenager getting up at 4am to do a photo shoot...this was her first as well. EVER!
I curled her hair to look like the 1950's Marilyn Monroe look
Tass and I brought in all different props we could find that suited this time...some were maybe a bit before that time.
But all in all I think that we did a great job!

I hope you enjoy our presentation of the diligent homemaker of the 1950's.
Love and Skullies

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