Friday, March 18, 2011

What is happening to me?

The start of this week started out fine.
Jake had started Tae Kwon Do and was loving every minute of it.
This is great news as Jake and footy just wasn't going together very well and this looks more like up his alley.
Here is my drawing homework for: Movement
Tae Kwon Do Moves
Wednesday night I had a Quiz that needed to be completed on line.
My computer logged out and I had only answered one question.
I was not a happy person but eventually (after many phone calls)
 they put it back up for me.

Thursday night I was trying to get this 2000 word essay completed.
Friday I was at Uni all day. I was going round and round in circles with my ideas, but with a special friend (she knows who she is) I finished it.
Friday at the beginning of our afternoon lecture we got told what we needed to be in our assignment!  Were they serious? 1 hour before it was due.
So back to the computer for 30 minutes adding little bits. 

Ohh then it gets better...
I'm driving off through the Uni car park and accross South
Street to find my car just stops. What?.....
It starts again just enough to get off this busy 3 lane street.
I think I have ran out of fuel and being a diesel this is not a good idea.
I've had this Land cruiser for 3 weeks and obviously the fuel gauge was wrong as it was still showing heaps of fuel.
2 hours later and it starting up bleeding thank god!
Luckily I didn't have to pick the kids up from school, nannie was there.

Well off I went straight home but being so stressed out went to my Video shop to rent some DVD's. When I went through the check out and she said my account was barred? Are u serious, can this week get any worse?
She mixed it up with my old account...really!

So today I thought that I would get my hair cut and restored to it's chemically induced glory! has been a while and my hair had grown down to my butt.
So that got chopped to my shoulders. I usually love it when u are getting your hair washed at the end and they throw in a little head massage..well no massage for me. She was ripping my hair out all the time (painful)
But it turned out's not green so that's a good sign!
How is your week going?
Love and Skullies

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