Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: This year is nearly over...what did happen!

2010 has been the best year and I'm a little sad that it's coming to a end very soon.
This year has brought  new adventures and suprises towards us and I'm very grateful!
Finding small treasures...
Amazing sunsets colours that blow your mind away!
A trip down to Busselton for my birthday..The jetty is just amazing and I'm going to miss
not staying down there with our friends Collen and Greg. They have owned the Kookaburra Caravan Park for so many years now ..I think we have been going there for around 16 years now!
The arrival of my twin Blythe dolls..
                                           Jakes Birthday he got a cute little guinnea pig "JOE JOE"
       Going out and trying all different restaurants around Perth!so much fun..(this is at Hogs Breath Cafe!)
                       Starting to paint again ...this was a passion years ago and it was nice to start it up again!
         The arrival of two more Blythe dolls...which now makes the Blythe doll family reach six!
Taking a cruise down the track in a blown charger ...not just one lap we did three laps all to ourselves!
Its like you are on a fast Royal Show ride that your stomach goes up and down and your body shakes after woods with adrenalin. love it..
This year I got a amazing Seahorse and a Buddha tattooed on my leg by my best friend and tattoo artist Chantelle who works at Abandon Art in Wanneroo...Perth! I received a trophy for second in Perth Tattoo show for best leg piece. Yahhh!
    We decorated my whole house with spooky Halloween decorations and gave out Halloween lolly spiders to all the trick or treaters!
                    Jake got picked to be a councillor for year seven next proud!
I made a new display for craft fair shows and markets...
                  Okay us girls have been together for quiet a few years..and work well together!
                                          This is us at our Christmas lunch do...
                               These are the two teachers I worked with this year Adam and Gina.
                                              They have been the best to work with and I'm still with
                                                       Adam next year ....just not Gina! sad face...
                                       Christmas Snaps this year with our dog Amber as well!
Just been down to Busselton again and stayed at our friends shack was so nice.'s.. What more could you ask for!
Thanks guys..
From all the Delarie's we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year!
See you next year for bigger and brighter Idea's.
Love and Skullies

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