Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scraproom Renovation Update!

I needed more room than being squished into a tiny nook (corner of bedroom). Our back patio was never used and I thought whhhaaaallllaaahhhhh! Enclose with some walls, paint the old concrete and maybe add a old aircond. The old roof is tin and if you know what tin is like during summer (HOT) but you just put up with things in life!. haha
All walls were painted in a off white colour paint and the another side had a hint of grey tones. I was lucky to find these 10 litre paint tins at my salvage yard...Love SALVAGE YARDS!!
As I was getting the corrigated iron ready for the 1/2 walls to cover the bricks a cute little or should I say FAT gecko was hiding in them...I did get a fright!!
The start of my corrigated iron on the 1/2 glad I picked the grey tone paints..and can't wait for it to maybe gather a bit of rust over time! more character..
I will add more photo's soon as this is only half the length of my room... the other end(SCRAPROOM!)
Love and Skullies

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