Saturday, October 2, 2010

Powercruise 2010 ..loved it!

Okay ...If you didn't know I'm a bit of a rev head, have been since my Dad owned heaps of wicked old Holden's...HG's, One tonners, Prem's and a old Go-cart with a chevy engine with a old rod grill front end.
I got brought up with a one owner (Dad) SS HQ Holden car..not many made in there day.
This was my dream car that I ended up bringing to Perth after my Dad passed away and blasted around when I had my licence! many memories..but because I was a girl this got passed down to my brother!
I really think I'm the major rev head in my family...?? but you get that!

What a wicked Carline Mufflers Powercruise at Barbagallo Raceway in Perth this weekend and what Rev head wouldn't go to that!! There was 550 cars entries and I took heaps of snaps but the thrill of the day was getting taken for 3 laps at Barbagallo Raceway in a blown charger that my best friend Cassie owns. The power was a wicked feeling and we felt special to fly around the race track on our own.The last lap we did a wicked much fun! I exited the car after to find my hands and legs shaking and trembling!
Below is a link of her car drag racing at the Motorplex..
Here are a few snaps from the weekend..
Jessica and I at the VPP Car Bay..
Getting Blasted around the track in Cassie's Blown Charger

Same HQ car like mine at home......................................they look tuff!
Sam doing a skid while on the track in his EK, Dusty's engine bay and Begglies nice!

Here is my Jake in front of Cassie's engine bay        My Kids have no chance not  to be rev heads..its in their blood! haha Love and Skullies

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