Saturday, September 11, 2010

Custom Blythe Sketch

The Blythe BUG has hit!
I'm getting excited about customising my Mango Blythe doll but before I do this I have made a sketch} What would I like to customise and tick them off as I go....Big Hugs to Jodie that gave me a lot of secrets!
If you have customised your blythe doll please show I love seeing what can be achieved!
Love and Skullies


  1. HA!Sure we are!I think if we were neighbours we would burn down the town!LOL

    Sweet I swear I have your package ready to go here over a year,just miss your adress!
    But I promisse you, I'll send you some papers along with the new collection.
    I SWEAR!
    Send me your addy by email so I don't miss it.

    many hugs

  2. Yahhh my Package is coming!
    I'm so happy I can finally scrap with all your goodies!! XXOO
    Us together ...we would burn the town down!
    One day hun..I'll get over there!


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