Wednesday, September 29, 2010

6th Blythe Arrival...Night Flower!

Today I recieved my girlie at the front doorstep from the postie man. I think she maybe my last blythe girl that I buy...well at least for this year! hahah. She is a Night flower Blythe made in 2002 and I adpoted her from Carol on Flickr...I think I'm her 3rd owner.
Naming all my dolls was hard and I searched baby names for a few days, their names had to have a meaning that suited each girl. Please welcome.....
BACK> Callee (Mango) Indie (Guava) Paige (Little Candy) Peper (Cowgirl)
FRONT name yet (Night Flower) Cassia..nick name Spice (Cassiopeia Spice)
Love and Skullies

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