Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wow I finally made my favourite desert ......

Well if you know me I really ...and I mean REALLY love Pavalova. I would request this over birthday cakes when I was younger (actually still ask my mum to make them!) I have tried cracking this receipe for 15 years no effort as they are all hard as rocks ..don't rise..different ingredients...different cooking times (15min..3hours) Arhhhh
So I bugged my mum the other night as I was craving one really bad ..and I still hadn't recieved one from MUM for my birthday..BIG DISSAPPOINTMENT!
I thought bugger this I'll try again and guess what? It WORKED!!!
It tasted just like Mum's Pav ...really YUMMY FOR MY TUMMY ...and waist!
This has taken 15 years in the making...and ohhh every mouth full was heaven.
What is your favourite desert??

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