Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who has joined our amazing Design Team Girls????

Drum roll please......taaaaa dddiiiiiinnnnggggg!
The amount of entries blew my mind many talented ladies all over the world. Thats why it has taken a while to sift through the huge pile of entries to find only three ladies.
I wish I could join every single one of you that applied......but after much debate and sleepless nights I came up with these 3...girls that rocked my socks off with their talent and their style that would so fit into my team.

Introducing Newbie Design Team Member 1: Daniela Marques (Brasil)

Introducing Newbie Design Team Member 2: Michelle Tan (NZ)

Introducing Newbie Design Team Member 3: Nura Keif  (Singapore)

These entries were amazing and below their photo's are just a few of their layouts that they submitted that showed their scrapbooking style.

To welcome our Newbie's I'm giving away 4 New Character Acrylic Stamps ...Just leave a message on either my Typepad or this Blog saying Why do you love my products?
And just tell people that their is a giveaway here........(Link)

Giveaway drawn end of get in quick!

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  1. congrats you all!!!
    so awesome!
    Special shoutout to muh girls Michelle and Nura
    you rock!
    *big hugs*


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