Monday, September 28, 2009

One Tiny Tattoo > One 1/2 leg Tattoo....

I started with this Chinese symbol 1/2
a year ago.. Being me I hated small little
Tattoo's. So planned and drew a design
to keep going up my leg!
And this is how it turned out>
I love it!
Thanks to my Best friend Chantelle>


  1. hey heyyy look at this!
    super cool!

  2. Hey Angie, wicked tattoo - absolutely awesome. Your friend is indeed a wonderful arist - that Cat In The Hat room is way excellent.

    How are you going my friend, haven't seen you for sooooo long. You know I'm not at the shop anymore, nursing got in the way!! Nice to 'see you' well, your leg anyway LOL xx
    Jane xx

  3. WOW that is an amazing tattoo!!! My baby (18 years old) just got his first today. It was his birthday present. So now I have to wait for mine....hahaha I've been putting it off.


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