Thursday, August 13, 2009

What a breath of fresh air?

I had a day off today, although it felt like
i was meant to be at school (work)!
Although i got a message at lunchtime saying
everyone at school is asking where you are?
Tell them I'm at home... Day off> haahaaa
So maybe that remark made me wonder if i was
meant to be at work? Ha if you don't get payed
I'm sooo not there...too much other stuff to do!
So by 10am in the morning i had done
* Clean house
* Scrap booked front cover of my Diary planner
* Had a chat to my hubby and Johnno
* Got all Etsy orders ready.
* Went to post office and posted all mail.
* And bought some new shoes and tops for me.
Then did Study all afternoon as i went to the
university last night and loved it..
My lecturer was one of our teachers at school..

We made Oobleck ..very cool stuff (check this out)

Here is my Scrap booked Diary cover>

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