Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been a very eventful week ...
Been so busy at work > Since our main teacher is off for 2-3 weeks>
So have been running around like a mad hatter > making things!
But Yesterday year 1 had their assembly and they did the Village People song
You can't stop the music > Then got some of the teachers up and made them do the YMCA song ...the whole school was laughing !! classic
Here is a peek of them!

My Gorgeous girl Jess made me this little canvas >
She said it is me with my lotus flower ( Tattoo on my leg)
She whipped this up in a hour or soooo ...she is a fast cookie at ARt !!

And last but not least Jake > made this at school for me
A good luck crane ..very precious !!
I think all this good luck pressies' form the kids are working!
As i am a more happier and positive person right now !!

Has anything happen to you this week that's lift your spirit's?????

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