Saturday, November 15, 2008

Etsy Shop Stall happiness!!

Yesterday i had my stall here in perth >> It was my first one !!
As i usually just sell my products over the internet ..and shops here.
But it was so much fun and i enjoyed the company of the ladies around me.
I sold heaps !!
Here is a picture of my stall ...but im going to up grade it to boards ..
Because u couldnt see the dame tags!!
And my little gnomes went fast as well ..
The day made me more inspired to get my mojo working and start creating some fun and NEW products!! The idea's in my head are endless right now ...
These are also my cool new tags on my etsy shop ..go check them out as they are going fast !!


  1. Beatiful stall, lots of goodies !!!

  2. hye there..just read ur comment left on my personal blog... thanks for dropping by... i've already linked u up to our friendship blog at where i usually post my latest los :o)

    love ur creations.... hugz


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