Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Say it in Scrap Blog Layout >> I cant Stand ??

I hate being Late >>> I just cant handle it, It drives me bonkers!!
This layout uses Kittyrobots ( gnomes ) Elsie's tree, Rabbit.
And also using a little acrylic mushroom stamp I made up !!
Coloured in Red and white !! And also one of my tags !!


  1. I LOVE your mushrooms!!! I hate being late too, but my dh is never on time....drives me crazy! Thanks for playing along!!


  2. isn't it funny, well...ironic that you were late with this lo?? he he. totally worht it though - it's freaking cute!! i had to take a second look when i saw your name - i loooooove your etsy shop - omg, the little prince and princess stamps are the cutest things i've ever seen. they remind me so much of the paper bag princess which is my all-time fave story! sorry for rambling! (-: thanks for playing girl!!

  3. thanks for playing along!!!
    and you did great love this, and im happppy.... you used some kr stuff :D

    i hate being late also but sometimes it cant be avoided gotta LOVE public transport...pfft.


  4. Super cute! It's so great that you're playing along! Keep in tune, we'll be announcing a winner soon!


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