Friday, October 31, 2008

Congratulations Sis girls >>
I dont usually give out so many RAKS..
But its nearly santa is early !!

Here are the winners
RatnaMastika > Love Mixer
Lostinadream > Camera (snap)
Mandiegirl > Camera (snap)
JamieBoBamie > Love Mixer
SweetMarieEve> ???
YaraSavich > Camera (snap)
Jacqueline80 > Bright Spark Bulb
Planty > Camera (snap)
Blessedintexas > Camera (snap)
Akuti ( Jodie )> Love Mixer
NicolD > Love Mixer

Please once u do any layouts with these ..please share with me !!
Love seeing new layouts with my products
Love and Skullies

Send me your addresses here please ..


  1. YAY........
    Oh wow = I'm a winner!!!
    Thank you so much Angie.

    I cant wait to get the camera.
    I just sent you an E-mail.



  2. hi angie! love your stuff... i won a giveaway of 2 of your stamps (princess and robot) on em's website a while back and i love them. glad i found you!!!

  3. cool!!!i loved especially "Love Mixer"


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