Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday Update >

Well it has been a very busy weekend ..
Jake yesterday got his medal for playing footy for the season!!
Aaron made a cheesecake >>Yummy!! with dirrections from me of course( step by step)
Made a layout last night ..cute!!
And also been blogging some cute gifts on etsy ..Go check them out Paintings and jenniferladd, Bibs and burp..and booties
So here are some above that i find adorable right now !!
Going today well soon... to Murdoch University here in Perth! to enrol to do my
Bachelor of teaching for 3 years !!
Yahhh becoming a real teacher than a Teachers Assistant( personal joke to all TA's)

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  1. Hi Angie,
    How sweet of you to add my baby items to your site! I'm so honored! I was just coming to check out your sites (found you on Linkreferral) ... and was so surprised to see my pics!

    Thank you!
    Jennifer Ladd


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