Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August ....Ohh my god where has this year gone too!!!

Hi Guys long time no talking !!
Im sooo sorry my computer is on the blink and still at the shop
So while im at work ..thought id get on quickly and say HI!!!
Was getting my groove on and blogging more frequently ...
Now that has gone down the loo...toilet ..
Started scrapbooking with years 4 to 7 today
Soo much fun ..they did some great layouts for beginners..
Will show soon ...And happy Birthday to my sister who turned the BIG 30
Ur over the hill now sis ..hehehe
Im giving away my prize very soon ( Havnt forgotten Girls )
And if u havnt seen some of there fantastic layouts go check them out
Just been soo busy ..and that dame laptop>>
Feels like im missing another part of me !!
I have still been a very busy girl and have been up to some suprise
projects ..Which are comming soon ...keep a eye out !!!
Hope u all had a great day ..
Back to work for me ...

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