Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ive Been TAGGED!!!

Ive been tagged by my fellow work college Jane at SFTH..
So here goes ...A bit about me !!

What Happening 10 years ago???Okay I was Pregnant with my 2nd child and living in Langford.
Aaron only wanted one child soo it was a bit of a shock !!
I loved it though !! No day sickness so I knew it was a boy!!!

Name 5 things to do today ?
Take the kids to school
Take dvd's back to video shop
Do a outline of a art program for school
Find storage boxes
Pack a tea for my husband on nightshift

Snacks i enjoy?
Ive got really bad urges of a sweet and savoury tooth.
Chocolate, lollies, Chips, etc

Things I'd do if i were a millionaire?
Pay off the morgage ...
Build a kit home on our block in the Bush!!!
Buy a few drag cars ..
Expand my business>>>
They are just a few !!!

Places I have Lived?
Beverley, Mosman Park, Carlisle, Langford, Cannington
Willeton, Gosnells, South Perth, Wembley, Vic Park, Armadale

Now I have to tag 5 people ...Yahhh !!!
Thanks Jane


  1. Hey Angie! :)
    Thanks for putting me up! :)
    Sorry I didn't get a new picture to you yet, I can still do that soon if you want/need.
    I have a page done with the cassette tape stamps! Loved them :)
    I just need to get a picture of it so I can upload it.

  2. Yo Angie, it's me again. Loved reading a little about you on your TAG. Amazing how little we really know about our friends.
    Well, this is just to let you know I have nominated you for an award, well deserved, visit my blog for details......see you and hugs xx

  3. Hi Angie!! Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving lovely comments - I loved reading your 'tag answers'....Think I'll be a regular visitor to your fab blog xx

  4. love your tag! Youve lived in a lot of places! OH, and you're lucky you weren't sick when you were prego with you son. I KNEW I was having a girl because I was sick as a dog when I was prego and I ended up having a boy anyways, hahaha.
    anyways, thank you so much, i would love to make a layout with one of your stamps! :) They are so cute! I feel so honored! hehe.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my place. I love your blog header!! Great site...I'll be back. :)

  6. Hi there...I am returning a visit as I see you stopped by my blog and made a nice comment. So here I am, and I love your blog, your scrapbook layouts are great.
    Loved reading the tag stuff.


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