Thursday, June 19, 2008

Challenge >> Are you up for it!!!

Okay girls got a Challenge for you !!
Anyone of you are in with a chance >>
I Want to see some great and inspiring Layouts done
With my stamps on it with Something Arty/Collage/Paint/ Draw??
Let those imaginations go !!! .....

If you havnt got a stamp ..
please feel free to visit
And Buy one >> so ur in the draw !!

Will be giving out spot prizes as well..
This is for June and July >>

And will give out the Prize or Prizes??? On my Birthday in July >>
Goodluck hope you take on my MISSION!!!

Love and Skullies Angie


  1. Before witch time we have to sent theme???

  2. Hi Linda
    Soo glad ur joining
    Quite a few sis girls have my stamps and wanted to give u girls the chance as well!!
    My birthday is on the 25th of july so for my birthday im celebrating with some other lucky person ..
    Giveaway on that day..
    Goodluck to glenda ..she is in as well!!!

  3. Will set to work immediately with my little 'strawberry'!!!! stamp. Luv ya. Haven't seen you for ages.
    BTW - you've been TAGGED - hope you don't mind.
    Visit my blog for "the rules" xx

  4. Forgot to say - Love the music on your site - go the Chipmunks xx

  5. Hi Angie
    finshed two lay-outs where do I post them???

  6. Just post them to all to
    And on my birthday i'll pick the winner..thanks for joining in the fun girls!!!

  7. Who has won the competion Did I missed it??


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