Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm sooo Excited!!!!

This is the brand New Edition of
Scrapbooking Memories Magazine ..
And Kaye got this in the Mail on
Friday and brought it to Friday Frenzy.
Wasn't at the shop yet!!!
I was sooo excited and Said
" Can I have a look please "
and there it was
Been waiting for ages
and ages
and ages
and ages

And here it is My Advertisement about my Acrylic Stamps
I was jumping up and down ...
Also have some more great news about this magazine but
I can't tell yet !!! It is a suprise>>>>


  1. Yay! Very exciting news! Can't wait to hear the rest! :)

  2. I just wanted to say congrats again! :) That's awesome news!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Angie!! This a BIG news and I'm soooooo HAPPY for you!!

  4. yay!
    girl, that is just pure awesomeness!
    you're the next big thing, and i am sooo excited to be a part of it!!!
    congrats girly.
    ill be around more now that the move is over!!!
    love ya'
    jp. :)

  5. YAY!! That is super exciting! Huge Congrats to you.

  6. Oh i lve your stamps yust bought them on Etsy.
    And your designteam rocks

  7. Hey Angie! :) I'm putting my page and giveaway up in just a few minutes! :) I had so much fun playing with *stripes*!

  8. Congratulations! :) Very exciting!!


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