Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Giveaway Times "3 "Spirit's Acrylic Stamps....

Easter Giveaway!!!
Well I love easter and off course CHOCOLATE EGGS!!!
Soooo would love for you girls to win "Spirit"..
There is 3 given away..
Here she is with my favourite beenie "Owl "...
I couldn't find a Bunny Beannie???
So would love u to leave a comment About
"Do u have the Easter Spirit ???"
What do you do for your Kiddies????
I cut out big Bunny Footprints and put them on the floor at home and also at School ..for my kindy class.. to see the easter bunny has come and left a treasure hunt for them all!!! They love it... Good luck will draw it out just before Easter !!!!


  1. Each of our girls leave their bowls out on the table. The last few years there has been a note or two left as well. Cute questions like "Dear Easter Bunny, can you read?"....

  2. Hai, love the blog.
    With Easter we look every year for some eggs. I'm now 29 and my brother 26 but it is alway's fun (also if you are old) eating chocolate is the best on easter. Mika (

  3. Hi there Angie! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!! So glad to have found yours this way!!!!!!! Your creations are stunning! Have a great day! XOXO

  4. oh the stamps are so cool we love easter its so fun to watch all the kiddos hunt eggs and all the pic we take and I love making the baskets filled with fun finds i started last month gathering goodies!

  5. Lovin' your stamps, so sturdy yet whimsical!

    My kids love the Easter bunny, he leaves out chocolate eggs for them in the yard on Easter Sunday.
    This year I bought a (second hand) children's Bible though to tell them the 'real' stories behind Easter. ;-)

  6. we usually colour a batch of hollowed out eggs for easter. my son (5yr) loves paiting them in lovely bright colours.

  7. WOW - I love those stamps! Thanks for offering them in a Rak. So glad I found your site off of Scrappinstyletv. Every year for Easter my kids and I look forward to the Easter bunny cake my father makes for Easter Dinner. Every year it is different and so adorable! He is so proud of it since this is the only thing he cooks all year long....he is now 67and has been doing this since my kids were little which is like 26 years! LOL HOPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOURS!!! Debbie (

  8. hmm my comment isn't here!! i left one yesterday!!

    well i will leave one again....

    for easter i will be going to see my family, and we usually hide the easter eggs for my little cousins.

    but the best news this easter is that my oldest cousin had a baby last night so i will get to see him for his first easter! yay!

  9. I paint easter bunny prints in brown acrylic on the floor at the entrance to my house .. the kids love it! .. We then have an easter hunt .. with clues!

  10. i haven't celebrated easter much, but would love to paint and decorate some eggs this year! :)

  11. You are so sweet! :)
    I left you a note on your website ;)
    Thank you so much for thinking of me!


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