Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back To School!!

Back to school tommorow ..even for me as well!!
I work in kindy and although i do like it ... 8 weeks off
,makes u want to stay home forever..and ever..
My kids arrived home this evening been at the block

in toojay for 4 days .. For Pop's 60th birthday ..
Happy Birthday" Pop Corn " that's their nick name for him .
We all made him a country music Cd for him ...

with the older music .Kenny Rogers and John Williamson etc ..
Sooo not ready for tommorow !!

But I will update how my day went and what the little
kiddies were like? ...Ohhh the TEARS!! My heart just sinks
as much as the mums I think?
Done some more LO's which are on my website ..


  1. Hi Angie! I sat next to you at SFTH for Emily's course and I have been checking out your stamps and stuff. I bought "stripes" the other day. Can't wait to use him! Ciao

  2. Hi Del
    Thank for that !!
    Hope u like Stripes the Robot..
    If u make something please
    email it to me !!!
    In the running for some prizes on my website
    love and skullies Angie


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