Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Movies..!!!!

My ohhh My !!
Havn't been to the movies for years!!! I Mean years ..
Just me and my husband...
We went and saw American Gangster..I Liked it!!
Blows your mind ..but sooo makes u think!!!!!


  1. i would love to do a page for you...i am sooo beyond honored...just let me know what you need. send me anything!!! haha! im not picky!!! talk to you soon!!!
    j. :)

  2. hey!! Just saw you cuuute stamps! I would love to do a LO for you :)
    The skullie one is my fave :)

    email me at


  3. hey girl. i love the robot stamps!!! soooo super cute!!! you can email me @

    thanks girl for considering me!!! makes me smile. :)

    j. :)


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